An important part of my work consists of a variable constellation of objects. There is no coordinating theme, no coordinating whole in which my work can be framed. Each object opens a perspective to another object, as to just as many (im)possibilities. I don't want to impose a fixed pattern to my artistic work. Every time it is shown, it takes on a configuration that depends on the context and the spatial prerequisite constraints. Rhythm is the key determinant in the eventual arrangement.

If I would be forced to define my work I would say that it considers an installation though I can not fully subscribe to this typology. An installation supposes a whole in which different elements are assigned a fixed place. My aim is to make a landscape without fixed borders, a changeable arrangement of variable elements. In the same way as thinking is an order-exceeding activity that produces thoughts in a fully   autonomous way, I want to create an order-exceeding field of objects.